From sales to design to product, everyone can impact growth

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics. He is one of the best growth marketing experts and an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Discover during his presentation at the Growth Marketing Forum how new growth hacks can skyrocket your business in 2018. We asked Neil some questions.


What is your definition of growth marketing?

Growth marketing is where all people in a company focus on making the numbers go up. From sales to design to product, everyone can impact growth.

Growth Marketing Forum 2018 - GMF18 - Neil Patel quote

Can you give us your 5 most successful growth hacking examples?
  • Dropbox – Refer a friend for more space. They are now worth billions.
  • Facebook – The social network is useless without inviting friends and they have added it to the flow.
  • Hotmail – Everytime an email was sent (when they first came out) it would say that it was sent for free via Hotmail.
  • Mailchimp – They’ve done really well with a freemium product. By creating the right balance of free to paid they were able to get thousands of upgrades and generate over $400 million a year.
  • Airbnb – They scraped Craigslist to get their start. Now look at them.


What can we learn from these growth hacking examples?

You can’t rely on traditional marketing channels. Creativity is more powerful than a few simple ad buys.


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