Get to know the specific needs of your target customer audience

Tom Devos is the founder and CEO of Intago. Discover during his presentation at the Growth Marketing Forum how using new customer experience techniques and digital platforms can turn your revenues up times 10 with the example of one of its clients. You will also discover the power of personas, customer journeys and customer analytics. We asked Tom some questions.


How can growth marketing further improve customer experience?

Growth marketing can thrive customer experience very fast in an early stage. If you are just starting with CX initiatives, growth marketing is a nice way of discovering your target customer audience very fast, and getting to know their specific needs. By offering them different kinds of content, and setting up correct measurement systems, combined with strong feedback loops, you will be able to generate a lot of customer experience insights in a very fast and thorough way. It can be the base for further growth initiatives.


Growth Marketing Forum 2018 - GMF18 - Tom Devos quote


Can you give us your best new techniques to optimize customer experience?

One I like most is called ‘Fake-door testing’. It’s an easy method by which we measure interest in a product (or a new feature of the product). With this technique you offer a new service with real customers in a real environment via an add, or a call-to-action, without actually having built it. If a customer or a prospect goes into this offer, we see this as a potential conversion if we would work out this idea effectively. After ‘clicking’ we give the customer a teaser of what he / she can expect in the future, and we ask whether he / she would use it. We also request information about the profile of the customer in order to provide more insights into the customer’s persona.


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