The most unknown opportunity within content marketing

Geerlinde Pevenage is managing director of Boson Content. Discover more about content marketing during her workshop at the Growth Marketing Forum. We asked Geerlinde some questions.  


What is the most unknown opportunity within content marketing?

The most unknown opportunity within content marketing is science. The facts and figures behind your content will give you behavioural insights of your consumer. Those insights are important to collect clever qualitative, often psychological data. Knowing what makes your customers tick and how you can influence their purchasing behaviours and decisions is crucial when developing in-depth content marketing strategies.

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What is your top four of companies that represent the best of content marketing today and why?

I’d prefer not to talk about the usual content suspects like Patagonia, Starbucks, Net-à-Porter’s The Edit or Zappos, which are quite easy and often discussed. But I would like to focus on the unusual suspects, the ‘boring’ brands that turned their content marketing into performance engines. These are my top four companies:

  • Farmers Insurance – They offer a modern and engaging content hub, plus consistently creative and engaging video.
  • OkCupid – They have been able to gather significant data to debunk myths about singles and have become the authority on information about the American single population.
  • First Round – They have made a name for itself with exceptional long-form content. First Round is great in making authentic content. 
  • Santander Bank – They exclusively promote the Prosper and Thrive brand with images that speak to the millennial audience and tease content from the hub. Santander is good in focussing on one target group with a clear mission. They don’t only talk, they act.

These examples not only succeed in making relevant content, but also in making differentiated content.


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