Video and images search will continue to expand in 2018

Alina Iordache is corporate speaker at SEMrush. Discover during her presentation at the Growth Marketing Forum how emotional marketing deserves a place in your marketing structure. “Logic makes people think, but emotions make people act.” But how? We asked Alina some questions.


How do you see SEO evolving?

SEO will continue to evolve in 2018 and beyond, however, the most important part will be the optimization for change. Video and images search will continue to expand with a focus on personalised search and particularly a website tailored for mobile.


“Logic makes people think, but emotions make people act.” But how can we apply emotional marketing in growth marketing?

Whether you are an established company, fast growing or even a startup in today’s dynamic business environment the best way to stand out and make an impression on your consumers, is to build an emotional connection with them. Successful brands understand they don’t just target consumer needsbut emotional needs and wants. If it’s done right, emotional marketing helps brands differentiate, compete in this fast-changing environment and build meaningful relationships with their consumers. Whether a B2B or a B2C company, emotions play a very important part of a good growth marketing strategy, particularly the trust element as people buy with emotions and then justify it with facts. 


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How to apply emotions in a growth marketing strategy?

Content marketing is one of the most important key elements. Content that is based on emotions can lead consumers to take the next step in the buyer’s journey and that is why is very important that the stories you come up too tackles into the right set of emotions and are highly relevant for your target audience.

Answer your audience most burning questions 

In order to tailor your brand perception, use emotions that are related to the problem, rather than the solution.  For that, you need to understand how your target audience feels, what their burning queries, what they are looking for, and what particularly interest them. Right after, you can go ahead and harness those emotions and pack them into your content.

Use emotions in your content creation

When it comes to marketing, reaching your target audience, in the majority of cases, is about playing to their emotions which have a huge impact on your consumer’s perception. If your consumers feel an emotional connection to your product, brand or content, they will be much more likely to trust you, hence, as a result, buy from you, sign up for your email, share your piece of content and become your brand ambassadors.

Using content marketing to draw emotional connections to your brand means creating content based on what your audience actually looks for with an understanding of what they are interested in and where they go for information. You can start using Topic Research Tools that can help you collect tons of ideas and information and create powerful content that can resonate with your target audience.

Optimise your content and website design

For an impactful impression and a positive visual impact, your website should contain emotional content and make the users feel happy, inspired, attracted or whatever positive emotions you would like them to feel. You can start auditing your exiting website content using specific Content Audit tools and proceed in optimising it based on different analytical informations and parameters. By analysing your website’s metrics, you can easily reveal pages that require optimisation and take measures to fix your articles and make them more relevant or emotional for your target audience, or maybe delete them completely. In today’s business world , marketers understand that consumers are more experience driven than ever and that is why, whether B2B or B2C, emotions paired with data-driven marketing should be the core of your growth marketing strategy.


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