We live in an age in which technology defines the way we ‘have’ to do marketing

Jonas Verhaeghe is senior marketing technologist at Invisible Puppy. Discover during his workshop at the Growth Marketing Forum more about marketing automation. We asked Jonas some questions.


Why should every marketeer know about marketing automation?

We live in an age in which technology defines the way we ‘have’ to do marketing. I would even go as far as to say that as a marketer, without an understanding of how technology impacts the life of your target audience(s) – be it in their professional or private life – and how you can apply that knowledge in your day-to-day marketing efforts, you might fast become ‘a dinosaur’ in a digital age. The ongoing fast-paced digital evolution also has the effect that there are so many channels and manners of communication which did not exist 25 years ago (not to forget the 24/7 aspect), that we as marketers cannot manage manually. Hence the need to look into marketing technology to support us in our job, amongst which marketing automation is one of the core platforms which every marketing organisation should look into.


How to choose the right marketing automation platform?

There is not one marketing automation platform that suites all. In a nutshell, my approach to selecting a marketing automation platform is always to first understand the business organisation and its goals for the upcoming couple of years. Once you agreed on those, you can define the capabilities and requirements you consider necessary to be able to support in fulfilling those goals as a marketing organisation. Next you can check the market for marketing automation platforms which more or less match your needs (it is up to the organisation to decide to send out an RFP or not). Have them present a demo case based on your needs and business which you provide to them in advance. Doing so you will get a pretty good understanding which platform will probably suit your organisation the best. Do take into consideration that a marketing automation platform is a long term commitment, so take your time and choose wisely. For those of you who can read and understand Dutch, I wrote a blog post about this topic: “Een marketing automation platform selecteren in 6 stappen”.


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