This was Growth Marketing Forum 2018!

This was Growth Marketing Forum 2018!

Missed Growth Marketing Forum 2018? Here is an overview of 5 takeaways and the first images of the Growth Marketing Forum 2018. After months of preparation, the event has flown by! Several interesting national and international keynotes and hands- on workshops all about growth marketing made this event successful. Thanks to the beautiful venue Lamot, we had a beautiful view over the city of Mechelen. Curious about Growth Marketing Forum 2018? We listed a number of takeaways:


Growth Marketing Forum - Neil Patel Growth Marketing Forum

The top 5 takeaways
  1. If you want to let people buy your product online, you need to consider those buyers like your date. Learn to get to know him/her before you’re asking him/her to marry. (Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics)
  2. Don’t build a minimal viable product, build a minimal lovable product. (Tom Devos, Founder of Intago)
  3. Successful brands understand they don’t just target consumer needs, but emotional needs and wants.(Alina Iordache, Corporate speaker of SEMrush)
  4. Thought leaders strive for new ideas, leaders strive for ideas that work. (Clo Willaerts, Digital Marketer at Bnox)
  5. Growth Marketing offers loads of possibilities. Prioritizing is the most important thing to start with. (Thomas Paris, Technical Marketer at MAD Kings)

 Growth Marketing Forum Growth Marketing Forum

This is what our visitors said about #GMF18:

Dagje inspiratie bij #GMF18 in @StadMechelen met o.a. @kvanimpe @DevosTom @omohout @grohe @Geerlinde @thomarow @xavven & @JonasVerhaegh @kurtvergult @neilpatel 🔥🔥🔥🔥
— Jan Lannoo (@JanLannoo) March 30,2018.


GDPR explained! #gmf18
— Artur ‘T Kindt (@a_tkindt) March 30,2018.


Today we’re at the Growth Marketing Forum 2018! #GMF18 Looking forward to a nice day of growth marketing!
— Netmedia Europe 30 (@Netmedia_be) March 30, 2018.


Two slides to sum up scalability : high retention (turtle) rate beats high growth rate (rabbit). If you have both then you are a unicorn. Awesome slide! @omohout #GMF18
— Thorsten Strauss (@howtomkt) March 30,2018.


#GMF18 was really cool with super interesting people Thx @thomarow @JonasVerhaegh @xavven @Baudouinol @howtomkt @ruttens koen van lysebetten and of course @neilpatel
— Jonathan Wuurman (@jonwuu) March 31, 2018. 

 Growth Marketing Forum Growth Marketing Forum

More impressions from Growth Marketing Forum 2018? View all photos here.

The most unknown opportunity within content marketing

Geerlinde Pevenage is managing director of Boson Content. Discover more about content marketing during her workshop at the Growth Marketing Forum. We asked Geerlinde some questions.  


What is the most unknown opportunity within content marketing?

The most unknown opportunity within content marketing is science. The facts and figures behind your content will give you behavioural insights of your consumer. Those insights are important to collect clever qualitative, often psychological data. Knowing what makes your customers tick and how you can influence their purchasing behaviours and decisions is crucial when developing in-depth content marketing strategies.

Growth Marketing Forum 2018 - GMF18 - Geerlinde Pevenage quote

What is your top four of companies that represent the best of content marketing today and why?

I’d prefer not to talk about the usual content suspects like Patagonia, Starbucks, Net-à-Porter’s The Edit or Zappos, which are quite easy and often discussed. But I would like to focus on the unusual suspects, the ‘boring’ brands that turned their content marketing into performance engines. These are my top four companies:

  • Farmers Insurance – They offer a modern and engaging content hub, plus consistently creative and engaging video.
  • OkCupid – They have been able to gather significant data to debunk myths about singles and have become the authority on information about the American single population.
  • First Round – They have made a name for itself with exceptional long-form content. First Round is great in making authentic content. 
  • Santander Bank – They exclusively promote the Prosper and Thrive brand with images that speak to the millennial audience and tease content from the hub. Santander is good in focussing on one target group with a clear mission. They don’t only talk, they act.

These examples not only succeed in making relevant content, but also in making differentiated content.


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We live in an age in which technology defines the way we ‘have’ to do marketing

Jonas Verhaeghe is senior marketing technologist at Invisible Puppy. Discover during his workshop at the Growth Marketing Forum more about marketing automation. We asked Jonas some questions.


Why should every marketeer know about marketing automation?

We live in an age in which technology defines the way we ‘have’ to do marketing. I would even go as far as to say that as a marketer, without an understanding of how technology impacts the life of your target audience(s) – be it in their professional or private life – and how you can apply that knowledge in your day-to-day marketing efforts, you might fast become ‘a dinosaur’ in a digital age. The ongoing fast-paced digital evolution also has the effect that there are so many channels and manners of communication which did not exist 25 years ago (not to forget the 24/7 aspect), that we as marketers cannot manage manually. Hence the need to look into marketing technology to support us in our job, amongst which marketing automation is one of the core platforms which every marketing organisation should look into.


How to choose the right marketing automation platform?

There is not one marketing automation platform that suites all. In a nutshell, my approach to selecting a marketing automation platform is always to first understand the business organisation and its goals for the upcoming couple of years. Once you agreed on those, you can define the capabilities and requirements you consider necessary to be able to support in fulfilling those goals as a marketing organisation. Next you can check the market for marketing automation platforms which more or less match your needs (it is up to the organisation to decide to send out an RFP or not). Have them present a demo case based on your needs and business which you provide to them in advance. Doing so you will get a pretty good understanding which platform will probably suit your organisation the best. Do take into consideration that a marketing automation platform is a long term commitment, so take your time and choose wisely. For those of you who can read and understand Dutch, I wrote a blog post about this topic: “Een marketing automation platform selecteren in 6 stappen”.


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Get to know the specific needs of your target customer audience

Tom Devos is the founder and CEO of Intago. Discover during his presentation at the Growth Marketing Forum how using new customer experience techniques and digital platforms can turn your revenues up times 10 with the example of one of its clients. You will also discover the power of personas, customer journeys and customer analytics. We asked Tom some questions.


How can growth marketing further improve customer experience?

Growth marketing can thrive customer experience very fast in an early stage. If you are just starting with CX initiatives, growth marketing is a nice way of discovering your target customer audience very fast, and getting to know their specific needs. By offering them different kinds of content, and setting up correct measurement systems, combined with strong feedback loops, you will be able to generate a lot of customer experience insights in a very fast and thorough way. It can be the base for further growth initiatives.


Growth Marketing Forum 2018 - GMF18 - Tom Devos quote


Can you give us your best new techniques to optimize customer experience?

One I like most is called ‘Fake-door testing’. It’s an easy method by which we measure interest in a product (or a new feature of the product). With this technique you offer a new service with real customers in a real environment via an add, or a call-to-action, without actually having built it. If a customer or a prospect goes into this offer, we see this as a potential conversion if we would work out this idea effectively. After ‘clicking’ we give the customer a teaser of what he / she can expect in the future, and we ask whether he / she would use it. We also request information about the profile of the customer in order to provide more insights into the customer’s persona.


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From sales to design to product, everyone can impact growth

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics. He is one of the best growth marketing experts and an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Discover during his presentation at the Growth Marketing Forum how new growth hacks can skyrocket your business in 2018. We asked Neil some questions.


What is your definition of growth marketing?

Growth marketing is where all people in a company focus on making the numbers go up. From sales to design to product, everyone can impact growth.

Growth Marketing Forum 2018 - GMF18 - Neil Patel quote

Can you give us your 5 most successful growth hacking examples?
  • Dropbox – Refer a friend for more space. They are now worth billions.
  • Facebook – The social network is useless without inviting friends and they have added it to the flow.
  • Hotmail – Everytime an email was sent (when they first came out) it would say that it was sent for free via Hotmail.
  • Mailchimp – They’ve done really well with a freemium product. By creating the right balance of free to paid they were able to get thousands of upgrades and generate over $400 million a year.
  • Airbnb – They scraped Craigslist to get their start. Now look at them.


What can we learn from these growth hacking examples?

You can’t rely on traditional marketing channels. Creativity is more powerful than a few simple ad buys.


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